Re: [Usability]Keeping the Quit menu item

Wait, wait, wait... have I been living in a cave? We're *abandoning* the
idea of having Quit in the menu?!

I've read MPT's article before. I like most of his points. Crufty
interfaces abide. But I don't exactly see how quit falls into that
category. What happens when you close all windows of Galeon? Does it
"quit"? Does it stay persistent in memory? Are we moving to a "Close All
Windows" scheme?  What if you're in the GIMP? Does "Close All Windows"
close the toolbox?

I read the thread posted in Jeffrey's bug. I still am not really clear
why we're doing this. It seems to break a lot of user expectations.


On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 12:21, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> Also see$374 for a fairly 
> good reason why quit (among other interface cruft) is useless (and 
> fairly destructive) to the majority of users who don't care about 
> clearing HTTP Authorization passwords and discarding non-persistent 
> session cookies.
> Dave
> P.S. I must admit, I'm somewhat surprised that the galeon devs removed 
> quit :)

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