Re: [Usability] [Fwd: RE: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

That's just to say that it's always possible to do it
in realtime.  If the xdbprint (or whatever it's
called) path it's too slow, then you would have to
redo your own generator or drop it.
Well, Ivan Pascal offered me to create my own keyboard render (he even contributed some initial code). I just thought that one of the "Unix way" things is reusing existing components. And I thought xkbprint+bonobo+ggv is a good way to do it. Probably I was wrong. Actually, I also thought that people usually first configure the keyboard (touching all the widgets they want) - and then look at the result. No real runtime is necessary here I guess.

Anyway I think that it will suck too much visual space
for no significative gain, so if it was my decision, I
would just drop it.
OK. I will take your opinion into account. I just would love to get more voices. So far, I just got one your voice: "No preview necessary at all". People, anyone else?

Ask yourself why these people are using different
Because they USED TO.

When people do things in different ways is either
because sometimes one of these ways is better than the
other.  That makes for a reasonable option.
Shift-Shift is not better nor worse than Right Ctrl.

What are the benefits of using Shift-Shift vs
Alt-Shift vs Right-Control?  None at all.
Absolutely. But people just used to it.

Of course, just set a sane shortcut.  Otherwise you
end with documentation problems, and there will be no
way to just going to a foreign computer and knowing
what should you do to switch the current keyboard.
A bit of history. In Windows 3.1 world there was no standard way to switch using RCtrl (or any other single-key sequence). People installed some nice switching tool _just_to_get_this_possibility. Will we learn from this? Even now Windows offer 2 or 3 "switchcut". What you offer is to take this choice from people at all. I think this is wrong. This is not only necessary - I would not even put it into "Advanced" widget set - it is _core_ feature. And I never heard people complaining about "how to switch the layout" - one they know where to look at. Also, there is a mouse click on the applet which can be used to switch between primary layouts as well.

I mean, I see no need for "secondary group
checkboxes".  I don't even understand what does it
means.  Maybe it makes sense for a xkb developer, but
sure it doesn't makes sense for a user, and has no
businnes on an interface.  What's the goal of these
"secondary group checkboxes"?
See the Andrew's message about the Ukraine. Not convincing? There are people in same situation in Russian, Israel etc.

For the tabs' name (Option #1, etc.), I don't see
other options you can have that make you use a
notebook at all.
Some tricky xkb options which are left blank in ... 90% configurations.

What do you have in these tabs?  What are you able to
configure there?
Some non-trivial usage of indicators, modifier keys, Compose key etc. Really "Advanced" stuff.


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