Re: [Usability] Drag handles for dialogs and other windows

Hi Alan,

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

> > I don't really see a reason why, do you? Is emphasizing the resizeability
> > of a dialog that important? Shouldn't the dialog just be designed not to
> > need resizing?

> You cannot assume the font size will stay the same.

Of course I wouldn't dream of suggesting that some dialog size would be
hardcoded in pixels. It should always be relative to font (and widget?)
size, and limited by (a fraction of) the screen size.

> You cannot assume the word and message length will be the same in another
> langauge.

Couldn't agree more (I translate lots of stuff for gnome).

> The dialog should be designed not to need resizing but too many
> programs dont even have well designed dialogs let alone perfect ones.

Sure. But this thread is about the grippies for GNOME stuff, and that is
something that we (as a community) have some influence on.

> * I dont mean to be flippant and idealism is good but this is a concept I
> have been trying to explain (albeit poorly) on and off for a few years and
> I hope I explained properly to Havoc at GUADEC but somebody somewhere is
> setting things so that they cannot be resized and it drives me completely
> nuts.

I'm all for resizability- but only if it makes sense! Let's put solid
design on the first place.


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