Re: [Usability] Re: [Gphpedit-devel] Pre 0.4.0 release almost ready

On Sat, 2003-06-21 at 13:00, usability-request gnome org wrote:

> > Sven made a sane proposal (using ctrl+><) which is much prefereable
> in
> > comparison with yours'.
> > What do you think of it?
>  `<' and `>' require Shift on US keyboards.

And on spanish and latin keyboards, they're on the same key ('>' is
Shift+'<'), at the left of the Z (the left shift is shorter).

So anything requiring fast typing of the string '<>' is a little awkward
(typing Perl or HTML is an example. Using PINE that uses < and > for
navigation is another). So if unfold and then fold is something that you
want quickly done in sequence on spanish keyboards, don't use '<' and
'>'. Or '[', ']', Or '(', ')', I guess there are some widely used
keyboards with that kind of problems (latin keyboards have { and } in
different rows, and a little apart)

Please please very please be careful when using non-alphanumeric
characters for shortcuts, I've seen and suffered usability problems from
software that assumes properties of the kblayout. And it's not like
saying "well, that keyboard is broken" because they're widely used (I
live in South America and I can't find where to buy a keyboard with US


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