Re: [Usability] Re: New way of accessing software (WAS: Re: Big Panel menus (32x32))

On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 01:24, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> Yes but you still have to physically store those files somewhere. :) And
> if $HOME is displayed on the desktop (like Dave and others are
> suggesting), then I'm worried that this could ride us into deep trouble.
> Unless we change this model AGAIN at a later point.

Isn't there a mixup about the need and ease of accessing data and the
frequency it's done? Files in $HOME or on your desktop are not
necessarely files that are frequently accessed.

If you talk about the desktop as the fastest way to access the most
frequently used data, it isn't. A menu or some kind of drawer in the
panel would is faster. Maybe a variant of epiphany's bookmark system
could be adopted or maybe there is already something of that sort in

 But for people who want to, these files could be placed on the desktop,
let it be by linking to them. Beginning from a clean desktop would be a
click faster, then using a menu. I don't think there is need to
physically stroring them in a Desktop or $HOME folder, per se. Isn't
linking to a file enough?

The desktop could be the place where you start to search for a certain
file to work on. But then you should go to some sort of virtual folder
system if you don't want to make your own directory structure and avoid
the mental mess.

That's my view on what a desktop is, clean no clutter.


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