Re: [Usability] Galeon (in Ximian2 )and probably all GTK2 versions

I've gotten by a little better with out it, but I do have a similar
complaint.  My home ISP requires me to use a proxy, however at work I
don't have to(and if I did it woudl be different).  So it has caused me
some pains on my laptop.  Probably should be some consideration on a
quick on/off feature or allow mulitiple proxies and then just a quick
choice dialog for mobile users.

Koen-- I think the new galeon (1.3.5) and epiphany both now have a prefs
dialog that spawns the default gnome dialog (as I feel is the correct
action just needs more polishing in that area).


On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 14:19, Koen Hufkens wrote:
> I recently updated my gnome desktop and a GTK2 version of Galeon was
> included, but it lacked somewhat in usability.
> In previous versions there was a Proxy submenu in the Web main menu, so
> you could switch on or off your proxy-settings. I think this (and many
> others) feature was one of the big advantages of galeon if compared to
> other browsers. My question, shouldn't it be available in the gtk2
> version as well. To be honest I lose a lot of usability because of the
> disappearance of that one feature.
> example:
> Previous when I configured my router I unzapped the proxy feature so I
> wouldn't get any complaints and altered stuff.
> now I have to enter preferences - zap to network settings, close all the
> settings windows... do my stuff an revert to the original if I want to
> surf again.
> Sorry, but not all people have a direct connection to the internet so
> the need for such an option is bigger then you might expect.
> Short:
> Re-implement the |Web - Proxies| option menu like it was in previous
> versions, it's a necessity.
> Just my $.02,
> Koen Hufkens
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