[Usability] Re: Proposal for a new default Gnome GUI

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it> writes:

> Can we include Wonderland theme engine (engine, don't gtkrc) in
> gnome-theme module?

For which theme?

> If we can do, can we put a gtkrc that use colors from... mmh.. Simple
> theme or Eugenia proposal and the same Bluecurve widgets' options?
> Or more simple change from blue to green? I mean: can we use something
> like some GTK themes based on Bluecurve that you can find on
> art.gnome.org?

Depends on the intent and the look.  If the widget theme is identical
except for it's now pinkish and called Pinkcurve, then I think we'd be
unhappy.  If it genuinely different looking, then fine.  Given that the
theme isn't super flexible, it would probably have to be modified a bit.


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