Re: [Usability]sft+ctl+w v. ctl+q

> > Not sure what exactly you mean by "hotkey"? Is this something that must
> Just some key combination that invokes some functionality. I think the
> proper Gnome word is 'shortcut key'. So to rephrase:
> Most window managers have a key combination that can be used to close the
> active window. The HIG reserves Alt-F4 for this.  This key (or whatever key
> your window manager uses) works for any program, not just the gnome ones. So
> why duplicate that functionality and loose a key that an application might
> want to use for something less redundant?

Just an aside to this discussion, see the GNOME Documentation Style Guide, 
Recommended Terminology - General Computer Terms, for definitions within the 
GNOME context of the various types of keys. Hot keys and shortcut keys are both 
defined in this section of the style guide, along with lots of other types of 


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