Re: [Usability] Recent spam increase

Umm, I do spam filtering on the i18n list already; I wouldn't mind doing
that for this list as well.

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 20:09, Anna Marie Dirks wrote:
> Hi.
> > says "Usability list
> > run by anna ximian com" so it appears Anna is the list administrator.
> > Perhaps she just hasn't looked at this issue yet.
> Indeed.
> > As Havoc said, the common way of mailing lists these days is
> > to have them subscribers-only, i.e. only subscribers can post without
> > being moderated, in order to prevent spam coming to list subscribers. An
> > exception is the post-only list
> > ( whose subscribers
> > can post to all mailing lists (that are configured to allow
> > that) without being subscribed to the individual lists. This is a
> > convenience hack so that people can post from several e-mail addresses,
> > etc, without being moderated.
> This is how usability@ used to work. The policy was changed (after a bit
> of discussion on this list) because people were not at all good about
> a)subscribing to the list before posting to it, and b) posting from the
> address that they'd subscribed with. Hence, I was spending *a lot* of
> time approving valid posts. Now then-- this is the first I've ever heard
> of the post-only list, so perhaps using this would significantly cut
> down on the time required to maintain the list. That would be great.
> >  Anna, is this ok with you? 
> Bleh. Obviously I don't want subscribers to usability@ to get a lot of
> spam from the list. However, I need to spend time manually approving
> valid posts to the list like a I need a hole in the head. I would be
> much more willing to make this change if anyone else were offering to
> help maintain the list. Hint, hint.
> Thanks.
> Anna

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