Re: [Usability]Test or analysis needed: Automatic completion

<quote who="Gregory Merchan">

>  Epiphany-style:
>    A list drops down from the entry which shows completions.
>    Down-arrow navigates into the list.
>  Nautilus-style:
>    A possible completion is appended and selected after the caret.
>    Right-arrow or Tab moves the caret to the end of the selection and
>    the selection disappears.
>  Bash-style:
>    No completion without pressing Tab. I haven't seen this one in a while
>    (except in bash, of course) so I'm not sure how it's being done in GUI.
> I prefer Epiphany-style, hate Nautilus-style, and am ambivalent about
> Bash-style for GUI. But my preferences be damned.

I agree. Anna, is there room in your usability testing slots at GUADEC to
look at this?

- Jeff

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