Re: [Usability]Dealing with files in Gnome

Hello Mark,

> One thing I was thinking of is that it makes no sense to have a drop
> item in the context menu for a file. Are you dropping onto or into that
> file? No, you only ever drop into a folder.

Suppose I have a file containing a customer database and another file
containing a form letter. Suppose I drag the form letter and drop it on
the database file. Wouldn't it be nice to have a customer mailing
automatically generated then? Here you have an example of dropping on a

> I'd prefer "Cancel Pick Up" as it is very obviously liked to the pick up
> item above. I think it would take very little experimentation by a user
> to see that when they pick up a file the cursor changes to show them
> that, and when they click cancel drag, it changes back.

Sounds good.


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