Re: [Usability]Re: Recently used applications

Hi Axel,

On 29 Oct 2002, axel c wrote:

>  yes of course, but some minimalism would be required here, to avoid
> cluttering the menu with tons of 'New File' options (as in ms-windows),

Agreed. We can use the Workplace Shell as a point of reference here; it
uses a "Templates"-folder which shows templates of all available file
types, and a new <foo> document can be created by dragging one from the
"template stack". (moving the template itself around can be performed by
pressing Ctrl and dragging).

However, I've always found that the Templates folder isn't easy to
discover and take advantage of for new users. So -

> since there could be dozens of possible file types to create. perhaps a
> 'favorite document types' entry would be be needed, too? :)

... I think your suggestion is good. I think I'd call it 'often used
object types', though.



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