Re: [Usability]Re: Recently used applications

<quote who="German Poo Caaman~o"/>

> El mar, 29-10-2002 a las 10:02, Jeff Waugh escribi?:
> > [...]
> > You need to look at a recent version of Windows. XP, whilst it has a hideous
> > double-column menu, includes a recent applications list directly on the menu
> > It's almost a "most useful applications" list, which goes above and beyond
> > 'recent'.
> > 
> > This is fast, relevant and usable.
> No, please.  This really sucks.  We have a box launcher that 
> works quite fine.

The concept is fast, relevant and usable. The XP implementation is what I
would endearingly refer to as a clusterfuck. I'm not pimping that.

(removed d-d-l)

- Jeff

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