Re: [Usability]Galeon 2 usability

Il lun, 2002-10-14 alle 14:05, Ricardo Fernández Pascual ha scritto:
> El lun, 14-10-2002 a las 07:19, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> > The Settings menu items in my Galeon 1.2.x:
> > 
> >   Load Images >
> >   Animate Images >
> >   Proxy >
> >   ---
> >   [ ] Use own fonts
> >   [ ] Use own colours
> >   [x] Allow Java
> >   [x] Allow JavaScript
> >   [x] Allow popups
> >   [ ] Work offline
> >   ---
> >   Preferences...
> > 
> > I think most of these settings change things for which 'the damage is
> > already done'. Java, JavaScript, popups, images... If something breaks or
> > looks funny, the damage is already done, so changing an option here doesn't
> > help a lot.
> > 
> > 'Work offline' and perhaps the proxy settings are probably the only ones I'd
> > keep, were I choosing. :-) (If we had a cool location/sessions kind of
> > setup, you could just switch proxy settings with it, kinda like Mac OS X.)
> > 
> I think that if we agree on keeping the "Settings" menu we could keep
> (almost) all the options. What we have to decide if if we keep the top
> level "Settings" menu.

Yeah, why not put the whole pref dialog there if we decide to keep the
menu ? ;)

Anyway if we reimplement work offline it could go in the file menu like
evo and the other browsers. About proxy settings, someone is working on
the gnome control center settings to make them powerful enough for us.
So even that will probably go away.

> > They seem to be a bit of a fad feature, but if you're going to keep them,
> > why not add a little gestures widget next to the throbber? Then users can
> > click-n-drag from there. Might be a good compromise for the context menu
> > problem at least.
> Someone proposed that but the people using gestures didn't like it
> because they said that it made gestures pointless.... I don't know.
> Gestures are crack IMO. I ported them to galeon 2 just for fun. But lots
> of people seem to use it...

If they are crack they should go in gconf-editor or in another power
tools tweaker not in the main ui.

I personally feel them like crack (apart maybe the back/forward
gestures) but I'd like to know the opinion of someone more clued them me
about usability.

While we are at it I think the problem of the conflict between right
button + drag and gtk context menus behavior need to be solved globally,
as it affects even nautilus.

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