Re: [Usability]Galeon 2 usability

<quote who="Ricardo Fern?ndez Pascual">

> I think that if we agree on keeping the "Settings" menu we could keep
> (almost) all the options. What we have to decide if if we keep the top
> level "Settings" menu.

I don't think you should; providing toolbar buttons/dropdowns to do the same
things should be sufficient. Then you don't have to have them appear by
default, but you keep the ability to switch these settings quickly (faster
than you could in a menu, I might add) if you care to.

> > That was a nightmare with Nautilus, I wouldn't recommend it to the
> > authors (they'll have to maintain and support it), or your users
> > (they'll have to learn the concept, and why they can't find a specific
> > preference because it's hidden in their user level).
> If we decided to have "user levels" we would have only two
> (simple/advanced) and I hope that it will be changed only with a command
> line option (or gconf key).

You ought to run as fast as you can away from the concept of user levels.
I'm pretty satisfied that the Nautilus experience was proof enough of their
lack of utility and ability to confuse.

> Most removed prefs already work as gconf keys. But users don't find them
> and keep asking on irc and mailing list (even relatively advanced users). 

That is to be expected. It's a fresh new Galeon, for a fresh new GNOME. It's
different. Once people are familiar with the concept of looking through GConf
(and its documented configuration keys), this will pass. You have to expect
this kind of thing when you make changes, but it's no reason to get scared.

I'd still recommend removing advanced preferences from the user interface
and leaving them in GConf if you wish to maintain them.

> > They seem to be a bit of a fad feature, but if you're going to keep
> > them, why not add a little gestures widget next to the throbber? Then
> > users can click-n-drag from there. Might be a good compromise for the
> > context menu problem at least.
> Someone proposed that but the people using gestures didn't like it because
> they said that it made gestures pointless.... I don't know.  Gestures are
> crack IMO. I ported them to galeon 2 just for fun. But lots of people seem
> to use it...

(I think it's a fad, and wouldn't be fussed if Galeon removed it at all...
But it's up to you guys as maintainers to work out if it's worth it or not.)

> > So, if someone thinks they're macho enough to row their own dingy to
> > Wisconsin, so be it. It's a shame they didn't like the cruise, but
> > they'll probably be happier at home anyway (should they make it).
> > Everyone else, in the mean time, is... Going to Tahiti.
> I want to go to Tahiti. But I want to take my TV and some appliances there
> too. I couldn't live in Tahiti without TV, my phone and some of the things
> that I'm used to have in the civilization, even if Tahiti is very cool
> with all those beaches, palm trees, etc.

Great, but you have to consider GNOME's audience if you want to be included
in the Desktop release. So, remember that all the input you get is from
people who are technically minded and interested enough to email you or the
list. They're a very small percentage of our Real Users. :-)

- Jeff

     "Just because I sit in front of a terminal all day doesn't mean I      
      couldn't hunt you down and righteously kick your ass to feed my       
          newfound cannabalism." - Darwinian System Administration          

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