[Usability]Re: clipboard manager comments

On 11Oct2002 12:54AM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> djcovey softhome net writes: 
> > I tend to agree somewhat.  I just cant see the utility of a clipboard
> > manager, it should just work without such a 'tool'.
> Well, there are two things here. 
> For remembering clipped data after apps exit, we need a process
> running. An applet is probably the easiest approach to that - as
> applets are sort of "user-visible daemons" - if we want it to have any
> UI. So that is what gcm is.
If you want to make it user-visible I would suggest making the UI
accessible through some app buried in a "utitilities" menu instead of
somewhere always visible like the panel. The feature of getting back
old clipboard contents is fairly obscure, and always-on screen real
estate is precious. Is a clipboard manager (effectively just a
launcher for the clipboard manager UI) really more important than,
say, a launcher for the calculator program?



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