[Usability]Re: clipboard manager comments

Maciej Stachowiak writes:
On 09Oct2002 04:13PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:

I'm investigating better clipboard support for GNOME 2.2 or Red Hat
Linux next-version, and the first thing I looked at was
GNOME clipboard manager at http://gcm.sourceforge.net/.
Here are the comments I had on it. The biggest point I think is to
hide some of the X machinery (selections, targets) from the user.
It might be nice if someone could post screenshots from similar apps
on Mac and Windows and KDE and so on.

The Mac doesn't come with any kind of program for viewing the
clipboard contents, and no one seems to particularly want one. The
main things that make cut and paste work better on the Mac are:
1) If you copy something and quit the app you copied from, the data
does not get lost.
2) Cut and paste of data types besides plain text (rich text, images,
etc) actually works and is usable between multiple apps.
These are the important problems to solve. On the other hand, having a
program to view and mess with the clipboard contents is probably more
confusing than helpful. To me it seems about as helpful as a "Drag and
Drop Manager" GUI program would be.

I tend to agree somewhat. I just cant see the utility of a clipboard manager, it should just work without such a 'tool'.

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