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At some point hitherto, Havoc Pennington hath spake thusly:
> But the short answer, ignoring all of the above: I don't think we
> should do anything other than what we think is right, based on all the
> information we can get.

Which is why I posted... to provide information.  I will point out
though, that from the responses I've seen here, it strikes me that the
developers seem somewhat disinterested in that information, having
already made up their own minds about what is the right way to do
things.  Maybe I'm mistaken, but it makes no difference to me.

For myself, I am advanced enough of a user to switch to alternatives
(and have already done so), so I don't really care what you do.  But I
do want you to know, for your own information, that the direction you
are going has caused a formerly happy GNOME user to switch to
something else.  I have already told you why.  I have also told you
that others I know (a few friends, as well as  several members of two
different LUGs I belong to) have voiced similar discontent with the
direction in which GNOME has turned.  I have heard exactly zero
positive comments about it.

Do what you like with that information.  Maybe you care, maybe you
don't.  It matters not one iota to me.  I do have some mild concern
that some new users who come to Linux because (in part) of its renown
for its flexibility it is will see GNOME 2, and be turned off.  But
they are also not my problem, and when I encounter them, I know enough
to point out the alternatives.

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