Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 01:05, Derek D. Martin wrote:
> When I heard that it included GNOME 2, I was a little more interested
> in installing RH 8.0 than I usually am in new distribution releases...
> In general I like to wait a while to let others find all the bugs for
> me.  ;-)

after reading your feedback i started to quote on a couple of points in
your mail... but then i quit and started over with these few lines.

to summarize it. you speak out of my heart... and probably not only my.


Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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