Re: [Usability]Re: UI Review Suggestions - Panel)

Sez who? Sez Jeff: 

> <quote who="Pat Costello">
> > I'd suggest "Desktop" instead of "Main" in this circumstance. GNOME is
> > becoming less meaningful from a user perspective, as Havoc pointed out
> > earlier in this string. 
> In the previous context, yes, but "GNOME" is better than "Desktop" - it has
> more global significance. At some stage, we actually have to market GNOME
> too.
Debatable, Jeff, debatable. 

Seen from a user perspective, GNOME is a quaint little feller with a fishing 
rod. Desktop is what you see in front of you. User controls and functionality is 
not the best place to do marketing, especially bearing in mind the different 
levels of GNOMEness of the different distros. 


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