Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: [Usability]Galeon feature implementation

El mar, 05-11-2002 a las 17:48, Yanko Kaneti escribió:
> below read:
> session = current windows/tabs/embedhistory state
> On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 15:14, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="Philip Langdale"/>
> > > a) "Exit saving session", implemented as a File menu item in galeon 1.
> > > I can't really see any other place to put this, but perhaps you can.
> > I've been thinking about bookmarks a lot recently (in fact I have a really
> > good idea for you guys that I should email soon), and mentioned a possible
> > relationship between bookmarks and sessions on galeon-devel a while back.
> > Yanko has described this discussion as "beating a dead horse", which is kind
> > of unfortunate - I like taking out my aggressions on expired equines. :-)
> > So, the idea: Galeon already has cool Smart Bookmarks (now "AutoBookmarks").
> > It's dynamic, clever, and will floss your teeth if you ask it nicely. 
> Confusion abound. galeon1 has AutoBookmarks (automatically generated
> bookmarks folder representing the sites that are visited most often, 
> statistically). And there are the SmartBookmarks (bookmarks with
> parameters) which are completely outside the scope of this issue.

Right. FWIW, Autobookmarks have been dropped for galeon2 (mostly because
of lack of time to figure a good UI for them and re implementing them). 

I don't know if many people actually used this feature (I didn't. It was
originally implemented by Matt Aubury, I think).

> > So, what if Galeon also handled your sessions for you, automagically? Go to
> > "Bookmarks > AutoBookmarks > Yesterday, 7pm" or "Bookmarks > AutoBookmarks >
> > Thursday, October 31st, 2pm".
> > 
> > You wouldn't need to save them, because GALEON REMEMBERS! :) You could open
> > them from the menu in a jiffy. This requires some more thought as to the
> > design, please don't object to random implementation issues I've brought up
> > here.
> Do you claim that autosaving of session information will remove the need
> for any UI for arbitrary saving a named session? I fail to see how.  I
> want a session named "cisco VOIP" at this specific moment. Dont see how
> autowhatever fits in this pattern.  
> _If_ the code for session handing is moved to the bookmarks I will still
> need a "bookmark this session" action somewhere in the UI.

I agree with Yanko.

> > (Yanko also notes that extra session information cannot be saved with
> > bookmarks. Given that you're using XBEL, I say "Bollocks to that!" Throw in
> > an extra namespace for Galeon session information, and you're done.)
> With this approach I sense complexity that outweights the potential
> benefit (the mentioning of the poor animal was my gut reaction). Ricardo
> as the bookmarks code author would have a better idea I guess.

We could add a special class of bookmark that pointed to a session file
(in ~/.galeon/sessions, probably). 

Making the XBEL more complex for this is not a very good idea. Our XBEL
files are already huge and too much complex.

But I don't think that this would make the UI cleaner, it seems to me we
are just changing the options from one place (the file menu) to another
(the bookmarks menu). 

Would the usability people like this option?

Ricardo Fernández Pascual
ric users sourceforge net
Murcia. España.

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