[Usability]middle button scroll

I've been playing with GtkTextView for a pet
application, and I've implemented the IE middle button
behaviour to get a faster way to scroll.

That's, if you click with the middle button, an anchor
will appear on screen, and if you move the mouse to
the lower/upper/right/left of the screen, the text
view starts scrolling up/down/right/left (faster as
you go far from the anchor).

Do you think that something like that will be useful
in gtk+?  I find it quite useful myself, but as you
may guess you lose the paste of PRIMARY (but I use the
scroll *A LOT* more than PRIMARY...)

In a related comment, I find the default number of
lines scrolled with the mouse wheel too high.  It's
very confusing to use the mouse wheel with
GtkTextView, specially if your text view is maximized,
as it scrolls so much text that you spend a little of
time trying to figure out where is the line that you
were reading.


Joaquin Cuenca Abela
e98cuenc yahoo com

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