Re: [Usability]Profterm: Theme compliance

Pasupathi Duraisamy wrote:
> I set my theme to BW.  Profterm provides a feature to set the background
> and  foreground colors. Hence the profterm settings seem to overrides
> the BW themes [for the Zvtwidget.]
> I would like to know if this is the expected/correct behaviour ?

Expected yes, correct no  :)  Perhaps the easiest solution for app[let]s
that do this sort of thing is to provide "use colours/fonts from the
current theme" checkboxes in the preferences dialog, where possible...
we can argue about whether this setting should be the default later!  

Gedit does this, which is just as well because right now it defaults to
black text on a black background... Desiato theme, anyone?  :)


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