Re: [Usability]widget style vs window decoration, (was "cheat to window-manager integration")

On Sat, 2002-07-27 at 01:23, Sunnanvind Fenderson wrote:

> > > "Controls" is very ambiguous and is used for many things in the both
> > > the real and the computer world. It's a noun, it's a verb, it can mean
> > > anything from the physical monitor controls, to the volume control, to
> > > the control center.
> > 
> > Granted, there is some ambigiousity here, but that problem is much more
> > pleasant than forcing the user to learn new special-case terminology.
> I disagree. I'd rather have a clear, non-ambiguous word for it than an
> ambiguous word, all else being equal.

If you strike the noun/verb part (and that was most probably only
mentioned because of my silly "Control Elements" idea) "Controls" really
isn't more ambiguous than "Widgets". The difference is, that "Controls"
is a word well known. If we use it as a simple title, like "Controls" it
should be _very_ clear that it is meant as a noun and wouldn't be
confused with the other meanings (Control Center, Volume control, etc).
AFAIK the word "controls" isn't used for anything else at our desktop so
it seems to make sense as an addition to pointer, icons, windows, etc.

And please stop flaming each other, we just search for the best
solution, don't we? :)

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