Re: [Usability]widget style vs window decoration, (was "cheat to window-manager integration")

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 14:31, Christian Rose wrote:
> * "Widget" is an invented word that doesn't use any real-world metaphor
> (not any that I know about at least), so you have not a big chance of
> guessing what it is if you don't know it already. "Controls" is better
> in this case since you can make the connection to real-world controls
> (real buttons, levers etc.).
> * The widget concept is not just hard to describe, in most cases you can
> successfully describe these things by using the terminology of what they
> are (buttons, check boxes, etc.) which in most cases don't have the
> above problems. And since using "widget" in most cases isn't at all
> necessary and using terminology as "controls" can be used instead, there
> is *no* need to use this terminology in the user interface.

Instead of arguing, shouldn't we take a break and discuss about the term
"controls"? If we all agree that this is the right wording, this would
pretty much solve this issue, right? I think "Controls" or "Control
Elements" would be pretty neat indeed.
Desktop Preferences -> Themes (or Appearance) -> (Tab) Control Elements
                                              -> (Tab) Windows Borders
                                              -> (Tab) (Colors... ;)) 

- Daniel

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