Re: [Usability]Re: A "cheat" to full window manager integration

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 00:18, Christopher Warner wrote:
> Yes I am very aware (as the same thing goes for kde if you've ever tried 
> to make a theme there);  Still you are talking really personal 
> preference.  Great, you made a theme, and it goes well with the default 
> Raleigh, thats great. However that is a personal preference so you don't 
> see a reason to create a new Gtk style for it. If you read my post I 
> still feel that they can be kept seperate but at the same time they can 
> also be unified so people with the know how or the want can create one 
> theme instead of many. It'd also allow for a decent format to come 
> about; infact including sounds in the theme would be nice too even 
> though it'd make themes chunky. I disagree that there would be 
> non-existant gain if anything it'd unify things a bit yet still allowing 
> choice to exist. One someone doesn't want to use the unified theme them 
> fine, they can use seperate themes. As I said above more code, more work 
> but it'd allow for a more unifying desktop.

Why am I talking about personal preferences? I just stated that it adds
a lot of overhead. If you want this to be optional, where is the
difference to meta themes?

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