Re: [Usability] Question on Don't vs Do not

Ps, i noticed the guideline / proposal for dialogs does advice the use of "Don't Save" (instead of "Do Not Save") at:

Is there any place i could file a bug / request to change the above, and hopefully in the stock dialogs as well?

   -- Chris

Calum Benson wrote:

Chris Chabot wrote:

Since a lot of people down here (netherlands) do use english interfaces
on their computers, but just aint-that-fluid-with-it-yet, it might be
something to keep in mind?

(as far as interface design goes, its only one character extra, so
hopefully won't mess any spacing up)

You're right, it's usually better to avoid contractions or any other
abbreviations in GUIs.  This should be in the Language section of the
GNOME UI Guidelines, except... er, nobody's written that section yet. (It *is* in the GNOME Documentation Styleguide, though, and anyone
designing a GUI should mostly be following that too, when writing any
labels or messages.)

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