[Usability] Re: The state of keyboard navigation

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

> Ok, I'll try to look into doing it like that this weekend.

That would be cool, thanks.

> I still think that my suggestion is the correct thing to do. It is not
> like it depends on fragile heuristics or anything, I just can't find a
> way to implement it. The tests I did with a an evil patch to
> gtkcontainer.c all worked as expected with the common panes and
> nothing else inside a pane as a special case.

Well, the bottom line is this-- we'd like a patch that we can persuade
Owen to put into gtk before he decides to punt all further keynav
patches to 2.2, which it sounds like he's going to do very soon  :)  So
the sooner we can get something that works reliably and predictably and
run it past Owen the better, even if it's not perfect.  Paned windows
are one of the few gtk things (along with toolbars) that the keyboard
user just cannot use at all, at the moment.


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