Re: [Usability] mouse wheel

P G wrote:

> Since the majority of pointing devices are mice,
> and the trend for mice is to have wheels, I think
> there should be a stamdard for handling wheel
> events.  I have some ideas about that.

Mouse wheels are mentioned (very) briefly in the Mouse Interaction

"If present, the scrollwheel should scroll the currently focused window
or control, if it supports scrolling. Suggestion for discussion: If it
supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling, unmodified scrollwheel
should scroll vertically,and Shift-scrollwheel (or perhaps
Ctrl-scrollwheel?) should scroll horizontally."

I didn't try to write any more explicit guidelines for mousewheels,
though, because as I understand it, most GNOME widgets that support
scrolling already support the mouse wheel in a logical way.  I'm happy
to be corrected on this point, though, as I don't have a wheel on my
mouse to test this theory...


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