Re: [Usability]UI review - GEdit summary / PATCHES Welcome!

Gregory Merchan <merchan baton phys lsu edu> said:
> It has been noted in at least a HIG bug report that Close buttons
> are not consistently placed.

I think i referred to this as the wandering close button problem :)

> As was also noted in that report, placing Close in the bottom right
> corner and the most useful button to its left would not be consistent
> with regular dialogs and alerts.

Yeah at least i always know clicking at this position will close the window.
When it wanders i never know where to point except for at the window border
close button.

> Placing Close to the left of the bottom right corner button, as was
> suggested in UI review, would dilute the meaning of that position -
> i.e., Cancel. It could also lead to Close and Cancel being conflated
> by users.

And by developers, i've seen more than a few alerts and dialogs in Redhat 8
where an operation that should have clearly been cancel used close instead.

> Other than the obvious and correct solution - get rid of the button -
> only one alternative comes to my mind. Place the buttons in a column
> on the right, with the primary button at the top.
> A screenshot of the window from gedit 2.0.6 with this change, UI review
> changes, and some minor tweaks may be seen here:

I like this proposal. i think given the accessibility requirements for a close
button in dialogs, it provides a reasonable comprimise, and is much superior
to the current find dialog button layout. Can we add this to the hig as well?


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