Re: [Fwd: [Usability] No|Yes in logout]

Murray Cumming wrote:

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 16:34, James Henstridge wrote:

Murray Cumming wrote:

However, haven't you changed the default button from Cancel to Logout?
Isn't that a bit harsh?

Why is that harsh? Isn't logging out what the user wanted to do? This was one of my pet peeves about gnome 1.x, where the default button in most of the confirmation dialogs was the opposite of what I had asked to do.

I thought it might be best for the default button not to do anything too
serious, in case you hit Return out of habit. Then again, if the Esc key
does [Cancel], I guess there's got to be something for the Return key to

The final decision should be made by the usability folks (cc'd). Should the default button in the logout dialog be cancel or logout? What do other platforms do?


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