Re: [Usability]Re: An alternative proposal for instant-apply vs. non-instant-apply

> > possibly plus "[Help]" if help is appropriate.  (I'm proposing "Apply 
> > & Close" here rather than "OK" because I think it's clearer, but I 
> > could be convinced otherwise.)  These dialogs shouldn't need a 
> > preview or "Apply" button in general, but it should be easy within 
> > the surrounding application (Setup Tools or whatever) to see the 
> > effect that the changes had and return to the dialog to make further 
> > changes.
> I disagree about the button names (see my dialog guidelines for some
> rules about those) but Adam is right: we should worry about that
> later. The principle that this is stuff that shouldn't instant-apply
> is, of course, correct.

of course nothing, but it seems fine to concede this as long as its
clear that a dialogue should be instant apply unless there's a specific
reason for it not to be, and we should be pushing to try and make more
and more dialogues instant apply (fixing the issues that make that not
feasible today, for example if switching themes took half a second it
could be instant apply, etc).


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