Re: [Usability] My take on Nautilus must-fix proposal

In regards to the nautilus must-fix list:

A revision has been made that has not yet been posted.  Seth has told me
that he has the file and intends to check it into CVS and let me know
what it is done.  Once it is done, I can get a local copy back here
(yes, my hard drive crashed 2 days after I sent that thing to seth) and
begin incorporating the ideas that have been presented in this thread.

Sorry I don't have time to elaborate further.  


On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 22:35, Alex Barnes wrote:
> On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 19:03, Adam Elman wrote:
> > Folks --
> > 
> > At the GUP meeting a week ago, I promised to write up my take on the
> > Nautilus must-fix list and suggest which issues I think should be 
> [snip]
> Is the speed issue on the must-fix list?  Something like a server mode
> and/or tabbed file browsing (like web browsing in galeon) might go a
> long way to improve the perceived speed of nautilus.
> Also, if you think of the way people copy files in a GUI environment,
> oftentimes they open two windows: source directory and destination. 
> They then drag-and-drop the file to be moved/copied.  With a tabbed
> interface, you could open the two directories in tabs, highlight the
> files in the source directory and then select "Send to
> 'destination-directory'".
> Just a thought,
>   --Alex

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