Re: [Usability] Window contents changing

On 16Oct2001 12:24PM (+0100), Calum Benson wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > The content area of the window is kept the same
> > size in the case of turning off toolbars or the like on a document
> > window. This looks really slick and feels right.
> That sounds slightly daft to me-- usually the whole point of turning off
> toolbars is because you want a bigger content area.  (Which is indeed
> how it works in IE5 on 8.6... my Mac is too old to run OSX  :)

I guess it depends on the app. For a file manager window it's more
likely to make the window smaller. For a web browser it may be for
more content area. In fact on OS X, hiding the Finder toolbar shrinks
the window, hiding the IE toolbar does not (it's animated sliding to
the side where there is a mini-toolbar, but I think animating it
sliding up and expanding the content area is fine).

The main point is really to animate changes in window configuration,
not necessarily to always resize the window.

 - Maciej

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