Re: [Usability] ISO 9241

On Sat, Oct 13, 2001 at 05:32:10PM -0400, Erik Pukinskis wrote:
> I'm some research on usability metrics for some testing I'll be doing,
> and I came across the ISO 9241 standard, which I had never heard of
> before.  We've all read Apple's HIG and About Face and whatnot, but no
> one ever mentions this thing.  It costs about $1000 it seems, so I
> haven't actually read it.
> Have any of you guys read this thing?  Is it worthwhile or useful for
> creating Gnome's HIG?  Just another HIG with another set of opinions?
> Beurocratic fluff?
> -Erik Pukinskis

I found this a short while ago also. It's been mentioned on IRC and
we're trying to see about making a copy available and if that is even
worthwhile. (Sun may be able to help.)

I'm told that ISO 9241 is very similar to the IBM CUA (Common User Access)
document. CUA is part of the shared history of the MS Windows, IBM OS/2,
and Motif/CDE interfaces.

Greg Merchan

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