[Usability] Re: Fixing the foobar wrt fitt's law

  Sure enough, if I turn off edge flipping on my 1x1 desktop (i.e.
edge-flipping should be irrelevant, since I have nothing to flip to) I
can click on the Programs and Tasks menu in the far corners.

WM issue indeed.


On Wed, 2001-10-03 at 23:31, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
> > *however* one aspect about it has been driving me up the walls. The
> > menus do not extend to the top of the screen, and in particular you
> > can't access the Programs menu by flinging your pointer into the upper
> > right corner. (its also annoying that you can't pulldown the tasklist by
> > flinging into the upper right corner, but for now I would settle for
> > quick access to Programs).
> > 
> > The real-estate at the four corners of the screen is incredibly
> > valuable, can we please not waste it on borders? (I realize this may
> > require hacking the menubar or menu widgets, but I really think it would
> > be worth it). I would love for some brave hacker to volunteer to fix
> > this problem so we can all mouse easier at night (and during the day).
> 	If I recall, this is a sawfish issue.  I remember a while ago a
> discussion on the sawfish lists about how they implement edge flipping. 
> Sawfish creates four invisible windows 1 pixel wide placed on all the
> edges of the screen.  These windows capture the mouse click.  The only
> way to turn them off is to run the sawfish-ui capplet and select
> Workspaces->Edge flipping from the tree.  Unselect "Select next desktop
> when the pointer hits screen edge" and click okay.  
> You should be able to move the mouse pointer to the edge and activate
> the programs menu.
> BTW -- as a side note, running xmag and clicking on on the invisible
> window will cause xmag to seg fault.
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