[Usability] Re: Fixing the foobar wrt fitt's law

> *however* one aspect about it has been driving me up the walls. The
> menus do not extend to the top of the screen, and in particular you
> can't access the Programs menu by flinging your pointer into the upper
> right corner. (its also annoying that you can't pulldown the tasklist by
> flinging into the upper right corner, but for now I would settle for
> quick access to Programs).
> The real-estate at the four corners of the screen is incredibly
> valuable, can we please not waste it on borders? (I realize this may
> require hacking the menubar or menu widgets, but I really think it would
> be worth it). I would love for some brave hacker to volunteer to fix
> this problem so we can all mouse easier at night (and during the day).

	If I recall, this is a sawfish issue.  I remember a while ago a
discussion on the sawfish lists about how they implement edge flipping. 
Sawfish creates four invisible windows 1 pixel wide placed on all the
edges of the screen.  These windows capture the mouse click.  The only
way to turn them off is to run the sawfish-ui capplet and select
Workspaces->Edge flipping from the tree.  Unselect "Select next desktop
when the pointer hits screen edge" and click okay.  

You should be able to move the mouse pointer to the edge and activate
the programs menu.

BTW -- as a side note, running xmag and clicking on on the invisible
window will cause xmag to seg fault.

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