[Usability] Minutes of the GNOME Usability Team Meeting (October 3, 2001)

Let me know if there are errors/omissions. Things I wasn't
100% sure on I commented on in parenthesis with a question 
mark (?).


Minutes of the GNOME Usability Team Meeting (October 3, 2001)

Present (well those who "spoke"):
   Seth Nickell          seth, (chairing) 
   Nils Pedersen	 Gnils, Gseth(TM), (minutes) 
   Kenny Graunke         Dekar
   Adam Elman            adam, 
   Calum Benson          calum,  
   Suzanna Smith         suz, 
   Kevin Vandersloot     kevinv
   Gregory Merchan       auspex,
   Brian Crescimanno     darksheer, DS_laptop

1) Agenda

a) Status of must-fix list for GNOME 2.0
b) GNOME HIG Status

2) Status of must-fix list

Nils & Seth filed bugs on all (or some?) of the list items 

All agreed with Seth's suggestion that, "we can file lots of usability 
bugs and hope people prioritize them, but the more bugs we make less 
fix the less likely we are to get them to stick. And more importantly 
the more hard feelings we cause".

Action: All List Owners - Go through lists and make sure
all issues are critical for GNOME 2.0. Update list and
bugs to reflect critical issues.

3) GNOME HIG Status

Calum and ColinZR have done first rev of their sections

Chapters To Do: Intro, usability principles and terminology.

Discussion: the critical chapters are those being done by
Calum and ColinZR. Those need to be review ASAP.

Action: Seth - Create a build system in CVS to allow easy
changes to Style Guide

Action: Adam - Send GNOME HIG pointer to HIG (Usability?) 
alias and request feedback and participation in 
an IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC Thursday Oct 11.

Question: What process should the HIG group use to 
resolve differences?

1) consensus (at the meeting)
2) vote  (at the meeting)
3) HIG lead (adam) breaks tie
4) Usability project lead fiat (seth)


GNOME HIG Review Meeting Thursday Oct 11, 19:00 (12:00 PST)
irc.gnome.org, #usability

GNOME USABILITY PROJECT (GUP) Meeting Wednesday Oct 17, 
19:00 (12:00 PST), irc.gnome.org, #usability

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