[Usability] Re: Keyboard navigation- outstanding issues

Owen Taylor wrote:

> It seems to me that from a accessibility/useability standpoint,
> saying:
>  Ctrl-Tab means focus-next-tab within the notebook unless you
>  are inside an entry with tabs allowed or inside a GtkTextView
>  in which case it means "really focus the next widget".
> Is rather strange. I would think we shoulddecide on a single meaning
> for Ctrl-Tab and find some other key shortcut for the other use.
> But maybe that's just "it must be logical" programmer think.

Well, it's a little more logical if you look at it from the other side: 
Tab always focuses the next control in the navigation sequence, unless
the currently-focused control swallows Tab for its own purpose, in which
case you have to use Ctrl+Tab.

The GtkNotebook fits into that model too: the proposal states that Tab
should cycle you through the controls on the frontmost page, and
[Shift+]Ctrl+Tab should take you out of the notebook control
altogether.  Switching between tabs is actually supposed to be done by
Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn (or by left/right arrow keys followed by Enter)
when an actual page tab has focus).


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