Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [Usability] user levels, etc.

"Sergio A. Kessler" <sergio_kessler hotmail com> writes:

> ha ??
> what you've found is a very, /very/ geekish way to
> acomplish a task, at expenses of the confusion of most
> people out there...

I don't think it's geekish -- it's just potentially redundant.

> jonathan, if something confuse you for a second,
> it will confuse newbies for the rest of their life...
> (or at least when they try gnome, before ditching it
> out because gnome is too hard/confusing to use)

I wasn't confused -- I just felt it wasn't necessary.  Since then, I've
changed my mind.  I find I use that icon more often than either the
start menu or the panel icon.  Additionally, claiming that this feature
will drive people away from GNOME is overstating the claim a bit.  I
don't care too much one way or another -- I just wanted to let people
know that I actually use this feature...


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