"Show Desktop"-applet ScuttleButt2 (was Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [Usability] user levels, etc.)

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 12:35:00PM -0600, Ryan Muldoon wrote:
> One useful feature that might help this is if there was a "show desktop"
> button on the panel (with an associated keyboard command).  I'd imagine
> that it could just be a sawfish script that iconified everything...and
> clicking it again would un-iconify things.  It seems like it would
> probably be easy for those who know rep.


Until I update (later today), you should grab the .gnorba file and install
 it with the rest of them.

Be sure to turn of iconification animation. It's the last option on the
 Appearance capplet of sawfish.

(The first ScuttleButt was a repling that I announced on the Sawfish mailing
 list. There were no replies or downloads then so I assumed no one was
 interested. I did version 2 one night for no reason I can recall.)

I might do a GNOME 2 version as soon as I have devel libs for the 2.0 panel
and libwnck. The latter replaces the gwmh and gstc code.

Greg Merchan

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