[Usability] Button ordering

I've just applied Gregory Merchan's patch in:


To make the GTK+ standard dialogs button ordering conform to the gnome
usability project's dialog proposal.


This is Mac style with the "action" button at the lower right
hand corner, as opposed to what we've done in the past - Windows style
with the default button at the left.


  [ Help ]                 [ Cancel ] [   OK   ]


  [ Help ]                 [   OK   ] [ Cancel ]

While I'm willing to be told that this is the better ordering (the
fact that Windows and Mac disagree probably mean that there is no
"right" ordering), I have two reservations about the change:

 * Familiarity is important; I'm feeling quite disoriented by
   the change and other of our users will probably be disoriented
   too, both existing GNOME users and users coming from Windows.

 * With this change we'll have inconsistency in all apps until
   they are fixed.

Anyways, since I'm sure this change is going to cause controversy I
thought I might as well start the flame war myself to save time ;-)


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