Re: Menu Guidelines

My notes..

"File" could be replaced with "Window" if no files are managed.

"File"->"New" can be a list of templates or datatypes as someone pointed out.
It should open a list dialog if the number of items is variant. Otherwise it could open
a submenu.

A new document is not necessarilly a blank document.

"File"->"Open Recent" og "File"->"Open Selected" are very difficult to grasp.
Perhaps it would be better if this was solved in the file dialog.

"File"->"Revert" can be from a version list.

"File"->"Close" can be removed for some apps. Then the accelerators and shortcuts should fold to "Quit".

"Edit" could be changed to <other> if the edit functionality is tuned down by this application.

"Edit"->"Undo" and "Edit"->"Redo" Please add a note about truncation of the action history
if there are some undoable steps.

"Edit"->"Select all" and "Edit"->"Select none" could be just two of a whole set of actions.
"Edit"->"Select jpg" for example. How this is added is highly application specific but nearly
always there would be timeconstraints as a driving force. This leads to the insertion of such
items in the top level of the edit menu. Sometimes a wise tradeoff can be to add a
"Edit"->"Select" submenu.

"Edit"->"Delete" should de separated from cut-copy-paste.


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