Re: Confusion of Applet and Capplet :)

On 21Jun2001 11:33AM (+0100), Calum Benson wrote:
> Glynn Foster wrote:
> > But not only did this come from the ARC [/me presents ARC with backdoor
> > key], as Calum's GUADEC presentation came up with the comments -
> > 
> >   The term "applets" was confusing; most didn't know what it
> >   meant, some guessed it was "something to do with Java"
> > 
> > So it would be just great if we could come up with something a little bit
> > sensible that somehow acurately describes their [non]usefulness :) This
> > also applies to the capplets/crapplets.
> For what it's worth, I'd suggest "panel <something>".  When we asked
> people in the usability test what term they'd prefer, one or two
> suggested "accessories", so maybe "panel accessories", or "panel tools",
> or "panel applications", or something equally boring  :o)

Well, the current full official name is "panel applets". I think as
long as you say "panel applet" instead of just "applet", it's
perfectly clear.
> As for "capplets", do we actually refer to them as such in the GUI or
> documentation anywhere, or is that just a word we're using when we're
> talking amongst ourselves?  I don't think I've seen it any GUI, but I
> haven't checked the docs because as you all know by now I'd happily burn
> all the world's online documentation on sight, were it flammable  :o)

If we had a great term with which to refer to them in docs and the UI
and such, I'd support using it in the code too, if feasible. But I
don't know what a good term would be. 

Incidentall, what's a docklet? I've seen a couple of people referring
to them and I couldn't find any references in my gnome 2.0 build other
than in the gnome-common macros. In my stable build I also see some
code in the panel to handle them, but I can't find any actual
instances of a docklet.



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