[Usability] Re: the same page

Frank Belew <frb ximian com> writes:

> Just to add some input here, I was in preparation for the holidays of
> going to my parents house where there is no dvd player, no internet
> connection, and I'll be 2000 miles from home.
> I did what any sane person would do... 
> I installed xine
> Now, I'm rather impressed, I have a neomagic video card and a P3-450
> So I'm not getting any video acceleration, and its a laptop so I don't
> have a hardware decoder either.
> DVDs play flawlessly in windowed mode when I'm not using the CPU for
> anything else.
> Gnome on the other hand has noticable lag.

Completely meaningless statement :-). GNOME isn't one program doing
one thing. Comparing opening a window in Nautilus, to, say, creating a
new entry gnomecal, is so much apples-and-oranges that you might as
well say "Linux has a noticeable lag"

Optimization usually starts with particular operations that
you want to make faster.

(And yes, it is usually easier to optimize a "simple" operation
like DVD decoding then a large multi-process program doing
hundreds of things like Nautilus...)


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