[Usability] newbie suggestions ...

newbie suggestions and stuff:


I'd like to add the keybindings 
Ctrl+A 	Select All
Ctrl+O	Open (in the picture, but not on the page text)

ill submit patches if there are no objections.  cvs -u or cvs -c, any

I use gnome on (Solaris?BSD?)Sparc (sometimes) and the command key is
Alt not Ctrl.  
Same goes for BeOS, and then there is the Mac ... even though they dont
run Gnome its good to be portable.  

Im curious why there is menu called "Open Recent" and not simply
"Recent", is that implication too subtle?  

What i know about usuability is from my personal experience, and working
with family and friends who want the computer to "Just Work", and a
reasonable amount of reading on the internet.  
Educate me, dont flame me.  I'm a critic not a diplomat.  I like Gnome
and i just want to make it better.  

Just reading and i noticed that Find Again/Find Next and Ctrl+R or
Ctrl+H are "for discussion" so ill add my 2 pence (im not going to call
them cents when the Euro comes in either).  

As someone who has spoken English for almost 21 years :) i think Find
Next sounds better.  

As a windows user (i use various Operating Systems, i wish i could use
Gnome or at least gnome apps on more of them so dont flame me) i would
prefer to have the shortcut Ctrl+H rather than Ctrl+R.  Some graphics
applications use Ctrl+R as a shortcut to Crop (i think, i dont have any
substantial Graphics apps to hand).  Its not necessarily the best
answer, im just saying that it is what im used to 
(but please dont use F3, microsoft seem to switch the usage of Ctrl+F/F3
totally randomly in some programs).  

Mise le meas
Alan Horkan

 // \\   
/(   )\  

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