[Tracker] Avoid SQLite versions 3.7.10 - 3.7.13


A while back someone came on IRC saying they got a segfault when they
executed the following query:

tracker-sparql -q "SELECT rdf:type (?album)
                            tracker:id(?album) AS id
                            SUM(?length) AS duration
(fn:year-from-dateTime(?date), 'Unknown')
                     WHERE {
                            ?album a nmm:MusicAlbum ;
                                   nie:title ?title;
                                   nmm:albumArtist [ nmm:artistName ?author ] .
                            ?song nmm:musicAlbum ?album ;
                                  nfo:duration ?length
                            OPTIONAL { ?song nie:informationElementDate ?date }
                     GROUP BY ?album
                     ORDER BY ?author ?title"

I traced it back to a then-unidentified bug in SQLite and then didn't
have time to take it further. There have been a couple of SQLite
releases since then and it turns out that 3.7.14 no longer has the
bug. The previous version that I tested which did not have the
segfault was 3.7.9.

So, formally: please do not use SQLite versions 3.7.10, 3.7.11, 3.7.12
or 3.7.13 with Tracker because you may trigger a bug in SQLite leading
to a crash in either the process running the query or the

The release notes for SQLite 3.7.14 don't mention fixing of any kind
of segfault, incidentally, but from testing it's clear that the crash
is gone with that version.


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