[Tracker] tracker-extract crashes

Hello Team,

I am trying to extract the metadata information of an mp3 file using tracker-extract (Belongs to 0.10.18 ) on my customized VMWare image.
Below are the extract related configuration options and the attached file has my customized tracker build configuration(Custom_Build-Configuration.txt).

    Support libstreamanalyzer:              no  (disabled)
    Support PNG:                            yes
    Support PDF:                            no
    Support GIF:                            yes (xmp: no)
    Support JPEG:                           no (xmp: no, exif: yes, iptc: no)
    Support TIFF:                           no (xmp: no, exif: yes, iptc: no)
    Support Vorbis (ogg/etc):               no  (disabled)
    Support Flac:                           no  (disabled)
    Support MS & Open Office:               no
    Support XML / HTML:                     yes
    Support embedded / sidecar XMP:         no
    Support video formats:                  yes (GStreamer) (tagreadbin: no)
    Support helix formats (RPM/RM/etc):     no  (disabled)
    Support MP3 album art:                  no  (disabled)
    Support playlists (w/ Totem):           no

I am executing the tracker-extract as shown below.

/usr/libexec/tracker-extract --file=/media/2010_320VBR/04\ -\ Thalambraalatho\ \[DRGM\].mp3

It crashes immediately with the below messages

Adding extractor:'/usr/lib/tracker-0.10/extract-modules/libextract-mp3.so' with:
  Specific match for mime:'audio/mpeg'
  Specific match for mime:'audio/x-mp3'
Setting memory limitations: total is 110.0 MB, minimum is 256 MB, recommended is ~1 GB
  Virtual/Heap set to 256.0 MB (50% of total or MAXLONG)
  Using /usr/lib/tracker-0.10/extract-modules/libextract-mp3.so... (specific match)
Segmentation fault

However the tracker-extract present in the reference ubuntu with same tracker version (0.10.18) is working fine.
Attached is the build configuration for the reference ubuntu image(Ubuntu_Build_Configuration.txt).

Am I doing any mistake in the configuring the tracker?
Do I have to add any other libraries to extract information for different mp3 files  like Variable/constant bitrate or ID3V1/ ID3V2 ?

I compered the both by enabling LD_DEBUG to cross check regarding the missing libraries. But, I do not see any difference wrt the extract-modules present on my system.
Attached is the log

Does libextract-mp3.so depends on any other libraries?
In what cases does this crash?  Since the source code present on the ubuntu and the customized ubuntu is same I feel that build configuration and the corresponding libraries are troubling me which I could not able to figure out. Could some one throw some light on this one?


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