Re: [Tracker] Introspection Support


 Yes, definitely the introspection will help a lot in the integration in the desktop. With it, you can write 
plugins using tracker in applications using libpeas in any language you want :) well, at least in python.

 It is mostly modifications in the autotools machinery, so merging the commits in 0.10 shouldn't be a 
problem. But all this introspection business requires the very very latest gobject-introspection and vala (at 
least), that pulls more dependencies in... So far i can only make it work under jhbuild. It seems a very 
aggresive upgrade for distributions.


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I'm just curious if the introspection branch (gir and annotations fixes,
etc) will be cherry picked to 0.10 branch. It would certainly make
developing applications for use with tracker easier (as distributions
have 0.10 packages now).


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