Re: [Tracker] pdf indexing problem

It is a journal article and I search for the 
authors last name "mccusker", which tracker-needle does not find.

at the end of this email is the output from doing 

/usr/libexec/tracker-extract -v 3 -f goldstein_1999.pdf 

the name "mccusker" can be found under "plainTextContent",

I saw there is a new version 0.10.1 depending on a new version of
libpoppler. Perhaps this would solve the problem?

I tried to look for " "mccusker" both in tracker-needle and
tracker-search and both find it properly here, using 0.10.0.

Are you sure you have the PDF file in one of the directories monitored
by Tracker? You can check that running the following command to see if
the file is eligible for indexing:

/usr/libexec/tracker-miner-fs --eligible=/path/to/your/file

Monitored directories can be changed in
$HOME/.config/tracker/tracker-miner-fs.cfg or using tracker-preferences



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